vito- tony- lucaTony and Vito Petronelli moved to the United States with their parents and sisters in 1974. Upon their arrival they realized that the States offered everything they were promised. However, they were missing one thing- authentic, traditional Italian cuisine. The type of food made from recipes that were passed down for centuries from one Italian generation to the next. That’s when the brothers set out to open a true Italian restaurant. Their goal was to give others the opportunity to experience the true Italian culture,that they so dearly missed, while dining at their restaurant.

The atmosphere at Vito’s combined with the dishes made from secret family recipes accomplishes just that. Dining at Vito’s is a true cultural experience. It’s so authentic that it may make one forget they are at a restaurant in Cockeysville and instead think they are vacationing in Italy. To Tony and Vito the restaurant is more than just a restaurant- it’s a trip back home.

Chef Luca brings years of culinary experience and expertise. A native Italian and graduate of lnstituto Bernardo Buon Talanti, a Florentine culinary school, Chef Luca formerly served as chef at both Cafe Troia and the Boccoccio Restaurant . He is quick to extol the restaurant’s many virtues.

“Vito’s is unique in that we offer exceptionally high quality food at very reasonable prices. Whether you’re in the mood for a sumptuous us multi-course dinner or a quick bite, we offer customers an elegant gourmet dinner without the gourmet price;’ explains Chef Luca.

Chef Luca stresses Vito’s emphasis on customer satisfaction. “We’re extremely customer conscious. In light of the recent recession Vito’s has made a concerted effort to keep prices down . The specials are dictated by seasonality and market availability which translates to high quality dishes at great prices;’ he explains.

While you can’t go wrong with any menu item, Chef Luca is particularly passionate about the restaurant’s seafood dishes. “Our seafood specials are always very strong. From whole roasted branzino, calamari, Dover sole, cod , rockfish, and grouper, we are constantly creating a wide rotation of innovative specials. There is always something for everyone;’ he says.

For those with a sweet tooth, Vito’s makes a handful of delectable desserts in-house includ­ing their famed tiramisu creme brulee and authentic Italian biscotti, and

imports the remainder directly from Italy.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect spot for a romantic dinner for two, a birthday celebration, or business gathering, Vito’s consistently serves up authentic Italian cuisine in an ideal venue.